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Middle School Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need to submit a request if my child would like to attend his or her pathway middle?
A: No. There is reserved space for your child to attend designated middle school for his or her current elementary school. If you are interested in a middle school other than the designated pathway, then you should submit a school request card. 

Q: What if we live outside the attendance area of the designated middle school pathway for my child's elementary school, will my child pathway with his or her peers? 
A: Yes. All students attending a K-5 elementary schools will pathway to the designated middle school regardless of home attendance area. However, if you would like for your child to attend your community middle school, then you would need to submit a school request card. 

Q: My child attends a K-5 magnet school, but we are not interested in the designated middle school pathway. Can we attend our community middle school?
A:Yes, but you would have to proactively submit a school request card by the priority deadline. 

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